Points to Keep in Mind When Scheduling the Removal of Your Child's Wisdom Teeth

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When your teenager or young adult lives with you, you likely take charge of his or her oral health by booking dentist appointments, paying for them, and even driving your child to and from the clinic. When your child needs dental work done, you'll likely manage these bookings, too. Many people in their late teens have to get their wisdom teeth removed, making this a common occurrence for those who are about to graduate from high school.

19 November 2018

3 Surefire Signs Your Child Needs Orthodontic Care

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Ensuring your child has a healthy, appealing smile requires more than just brushing and flossing. For many children, orthodontic care is necessary. While surprising to hear, orthodontic treatment can begin as early as 6six or seven years old. If you are like most parents, you may feel your child is too young for braces and other orthodontic care, but early intervention can actually reduce the risk of more involved care in the future.

18 October 2018

Reasons People Need Tooth Extractions

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Getting a tooth extracted is probably not something you will be eager to do, but there are times when tooth extraction is necessary. Dentists will not remove a tooth unless it is absolutely necessary, though, simply because you only get one set of teeth. If your dentist believes that you need a tooth removed, it is probably for one of the following reasons. Your tooth has too much decay When a person has a tooth that has decay on it, the dentist will recommend removing it and putting in a filling to replace the hole.

26 September 2018

How To Recover After Dental Implant Surgery

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Having one or more missing teeth isn't exactly your idea of a good time. If you recently had to have a tooth pulled because of decay or injury, then you know just how weird it can be to have that extra space in your mouth. To help replace your tooth, your dentist may recommend dental implants. The great thing about dental implants is that they are practically permanent, which means that you won't have to worry about them falling out or anything.

29 August 2018

What Cosmetic Issues Do Dental Veneers Solve?

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Dental veneers usually give a person a stunning new smile, which was previously hidden because of either discoloration, spacing, or other related dental problems. Generally, veneers can help in addressing various problems that affect your dental formula. One interesting thing about dental veneers is that they can help in solving multiple dental issues through one procedure. If you are not sure whether to use or not to use dental veneers, just consult your dentist.

30 July 2018

3 Benefits Of Utilizing Professional Teeth Whitening Services

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Yellow teeth can really take a toll on your confidence. This is a pretty common cosmetic issue, but it doesn't have to be permanent if you rely on professional teeth whitening. This procedure offers many benefits as opposed to different whitening treatments.  1. Thorough Whitening When you try to whiten your teeth at home with kits or home solutions, the results are often mixed. Some teeth may whiten better than others, causing you a lot of frustration.

2 July 2018

Choosing A Dental Implant Material: Titanium Vs Zirconia

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When you lose one of your teeth, you have the option of getting a dental implant. Nowadays, you have a choice in what type of material you can choose. Titanium has been the gold standard when it comes to implants, but non-metal zirconia is now available for those whom titanium wasn't an ideal option. However, each option has its advantages and disadvantages depending on your needs. Composition of dental implants

10 June 2018