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Hi, it's Mia Armonde here to talk to you about family dentistry. As my small family grew into a large one, I found myself at the dental office on a regular basis. Every six months, the kids would go into the dentist for a cleaning or repairs to their teeth. During that time, I took an interest in the various ways the dental tools were evolving. Tools used in the dental industry have grown in leaps and bounds in the last few decades. For example, my kids went from hearing the dental drill to wearing headphones that completely canceled out the sound. Each time we go back into the dentist, I take a close look at the improvements that have arisen since the last visit. The results are astounding. I will cover my findings on this site, so you can also enjoy the improvements to dental tools and techniques.

2 Reasons To Ask Your Dentist About Same-Day Crowns

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Crowns are one of the most common dental procedures available, but they can be a bit inconvenient to get. However, same-day crown procedures are available that can make getting a crown less inconvenient and uncomfortable.

Less Uncomfortable

A traditional crown is going to be fairly uncomfortable because you will need to wear a temporary crown for several days or weeks between your initial appointment and when your permanent crown arrives. These temporary crowns are often a source of discomfort because they can easily become loose or break.

When a temporary crown becomes loose it can begin to scrape your gums, which can lead to pain and bleeding. Another source of discomfort comes from having the food and liquids getting under your temporary crown and affecting the exposed nerves of your tooth. This often happens because the temporary crown is not going to be airtight when it is applied.

When you get a same-day crown, you will not have to deal with wearing a temporary crown. This is because the dentist will be able to create your temporary crown in-house, which means that you will have your permanent crown applied as soon as the tooth has been prepared for it. 

Less Inconvenient

Finally, a traditional crown is not a great procedure to have to undergo if you have a busy work schedule or life. This is because traditional crowns are going to require at least two appointments before the procedure is completed.

One appointment will be to have your tooth prepared for the crown, while the second will occur several days or weeks later and consist of having the permanent crown applied. Further appointments will be necessary if your temporary crown falls off or breaks. All of these appointments are extremely difficult to attend, especially if you have a job that does not like it when you take time off during regular business hours.

With a same-day crown, you will not have to schedule multiple appointments to complete the procedure. You can simply go in and have your tooth prepared and the crown applied in one sitting, and be completely done with the procedure.

Speak to your dentist today in order to discuss the many benefits provided by a same-day crown. A same-day crown is ideal if you want to avoid having to take too much time off of work, or if you simply want to avoid the inconvenience and discomfort associated with a temporary crown. To learn more, contact a company like Wigwam Dental Care with any questions you have.


4 May 2015