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Hi, it's Mia Armonde here to talk to you about family dentistry. As my small family grew into a large one, I found myself at the dental office on a regular basis. Every six months, the kids would go into the dentist for a cleaning or repairs to their teeth. During that time, I took an interest in the various ways the dental tools were evolving. Tools used in the dental industry have grown in leaps and bounds in the last few decades. For example, my kids went from hearing the dental drill to wearing headphones that completely canceled out the sound. Each time we go back into the dentist, I take a close look at the improvements that have arisen since the last visit. The results are astounding. I will cover my findings on this site, so you can also enjoy the improvements to dental tools and techniques.

Making Sure Your Smile Shines Bright For Senior Pictures: Dental Treatments For You

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When you have finally reached the milestone of starting your senior year of high school, one of the things that will best commemorate it is your senior pictures. These senior pictures and portraits will be what your family and you use to remember your high school days in the future. As such, you want to look your absolute best when you go in for your photo session. And your smile is a big part of that. Get to know some of the treatments available to you at a dental office that can help you get a beautiful bright and shiny smile before you get your pictures taken.

Professional Teeth Whitening

One of the keys to a bright smile is teeth that are white and free of stains and yellowing. While you could do teeth whitening at home with trays or strips that you can purchase at a local drug store, they are not as powerful as the treatments that you can get at your dentist's office.

This is because the chemical whitening agents used in both home kits and at the dentist can be very irritating and cause chemical burns if they come into contact with the soft tissues of your gums. A dentist has the necessary tools to prevent this contact from occurring and can customize the whitening agents and the application to suit your whitening needs. This all adds up to giving you the brightest and whitest teeth possible in time for your senior pictures.

Dental Crowns for Chipped Or Misshapen Teeth

Another option to make your smile look as gorgeous as possible is to take on any chipped or misshapen teeth you may have. One of the best ways to handle to deal with such tooth issues is to get dental crowns to cover up the damaged teeth and make your smile look perfect.

Dental crowns are also referred to as caps and are designed to make smiles more aesthetically appealing and cover up any damage. They are custom designed to match your existing teeth in size shape and color and will give you a uniform smile.

Your dentist will take x-rays and examine your teeth and create a mold of your teeth. This will be used to create the cap. There are many different materials that can be used to make a dental crown. These include stainless steel and metal, porcelain, ceramic, and resin. Metal and more realistic tooth-like material can also be fused together to create a stronger and realistic-looking dental crown.

Now that you know a few options to get your smile ready for your senior pictures, you can be sure that you schedule your dentist appointments as soon as possible to get started. Contact a clinic like Treasured Smiles Dentistry for more information.


30 June 2016