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Hi, it's Mia Armonde here to talk to you about family dentistry. As my small family grew into a large one, I found myself at the dental office on a regular basis. Every six months, the kids would go into the dentist for a cleaning or repairs to their teeth. During that time, I took an interest in the various ways the dental tools were evolving. Tools used in the dental industry have grown in leaps and bounds in the last few decades. For example, my kids went from hearing the dental drill to wearing headphones that completely canceled out the sound. Each time we go back into the dentist, I take a close look at the improvements that have arisen since the last visit. The results are astounding. I will cover my findings on this site, so you can also enjoy the improvements to dental tools and techniques.

Benefits Of Having Missing Teeth Replaced With Dental Implants

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The installation of dental implants can be a major improvement in the quality of your smile. Yet, patients can neglect to opt for this type of dental procedure because they are not aware of the numerous benefits that will come with these artificial teeth.


It may seem counterintuitive that a dental implant would be more cost-efficient than a bridge because it will have a higher price. Yet, dental implants are permanent, which will result in substantial savings as dental bridges will have to be periodically replaced. In most instances, your implant will only need to be replaced if it suffers serious damage from mouth-related trauma. Often, it may not even be necessary to replace the entire implant. This can occur when the damage is limited to the crown that rests on top of the implant.

Improved Aesthetics

Dental bridges can closely mimic the look of natural teeth, but there will often be a small gap between the bridge and the gums or the bridge may be slightly different colors. Because dental implants are attached directly to the patient's mouth, these issues will not be present, which can make it almost impossible for someone to know that your implant is an artificial tooth.

Reduced Maintenance And Replacement Requirements

For individuals that have dental bridges, there is extensive maintenance that will need to be done to ensure that the bridge remains secure and comfortable in the mouth. Often, this will involve having the bridge removed every year or two so that it can be adjusted. These adjustments are required because the contours of the gumline will shift as you age.

Dental implants do not require these adjustments because they are installed directly into the jaw, which will allow the gums to freely shift positions around the implant without compromising the fit of the artificial tooth.

Greater Comfort

Dental implants can correct the most common issues of missing teeth, but it is a frequent issue for patients to find that these dental devices are fairly uncomfortable to wear. This can be particularly common after the bridge is adjusted. It can be common for the dentist to accidentally over or under tighten the bridge, which can lead to dental pain and a feeling that the bridge is loose. Also, it can be possible for the wires that hold the bridge in place to become damaged. When this happens, the bridge may completely fall out of your mouth or become loose enough to make it difficult to speak or eat.

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15 December 2016