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Points to Keep in Mind When Scheduling the Removal of Your Child's Wisdom Teeth

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When your teenager or young adult lives with you, you likely take charge of his or her oral health by booking dentist appointments, paying for them, and even driving your child to and from the clinic. When your child needs dental work done, you'll likely manage these bookings, too. Many people in their late teens have to get their wisdom teeth removed, making this a common occurrence for those who are about to graduate from high school. When you're scheduling this procedure, here are some points that you should keep in mind.

Scheduled Photos

The removal of your child's wisdom teeth is a standard dental procedure, but one that has a few side effects afterward. For example, a child's face can appear a little swollen in the days that follow the procedure, and he or she may also experience some bruising. None of these issues are serious, but you'll want to avoid scheduling the procedure soon before your child has his or her graduation photos taken. When possible, book the removal of your child's wisdom teeth well away from any formal portraits so that he or she can recover and look natural.

Exam Schedule

Give some thought to your child's exam dates before you set his or her wisdom tooth appointment. This procedure typically requires a few days of recovery time, so you don't want to schedule it at a time that your teen cannot rest because he or she is trying to study. Additionally, your son or daughter will rely on prescription medication to deal with the pain that lingers after this procedure, and some people don't respond well to this medication. The last thing that your child needs is to try to write exams or wrap up semester- or year-end projects while he or she feels sleepy or nauseous.

Summer Job

You might be thinking about scheduling the removal of your child's wisdom teeth soon after the school year ends, which can be a good idea in terms of not interrupting the child's academic progress as his or her year winds down. Give some thought to his or her work schedule, though. If your child is starting a summer job, he or she may be reluctant to ask for a few days off for this procedure. Ideally, you'll be able to book the removal of the wisdom teeth between the conclusion of the school year and before your child starts to work for the summer. 

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19 November 2018