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Hi, it's Mia Armonde here to talk to you about family dentistry. As my small family grew into a large one, I found myself at the dental office on a regular basis. Every six months, the kids would go into the dentist for a cleaning or repairs to their teeth. During that time, I took an interest in the various ways the dental tools were evolving. Tools used in the dental industry have grown in leaps and bounds in the last few decades. For example, my kids went from hearing the dental drill to wearing headphones that completely canceled out the sound. Each time we go back into the dentist, I take a close look at the improvements that have arisen since the last visit. The results are astounding. I will cover my findings on this site, so you can also enjoy the improvements to dental tools and techniques.

Fluoride Treatments: Not Just For Children

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Dentists can give fluoride treatments to children when the local water supply doesn't contain any. However, this natural substance is too good to confine to just kids. Read on and find out what fluoride can do for adults too.

What Is Fluoride?

This substance is found everywhere from the soil to the water you drink. However, treated water may not contain fluoride, so dentists recommend it for their patients. It's especially important for children who are losing their baby teeth and growing out their adult teeth. Fluoride helps make their emerging teeth stronger and better able to resist decay and more.  However, fluoride is also great for those at all stages of dental development.

What Can Fluoride Do for You?

Tooth enamel must be strong, and it usually is. It's one of the strongest substances in the human body. However, just living a normal life can rob teeth of the minerals needed to keep those teeth strong and resilient throughout a lifetime. Fluoride adds back to your teeth that which gets slowly taken away as time goes on. It does something called remineralization, which means it strengthens your enamel. Strong enamel continues to be a need throughout life. Medications, illnesses, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and just eating and drinking can cause your tooth enamel to weaken. With fluoride on board, the acids in foods can attack all they want, but the damage can be greatly minimized.

What Is Meant by a Fluoride Treatment?

You might have noticed that some toothpaste products now contain fluoride. Those treatments, though, cannot compare to the levels of fluoride provided by a dentist. This mineral has no taste or odor, so it tends to disappear seamlessly when you use rinses, but your dentist will also offer you direct applications to the surfaces of your teeth.

Who Needs Fluoride Treatments the Most?

Certain adults may need treatment more than most. If you meet any of the guidelines below, your dentist will probably recommend some fluoride treatments:

  • Your teeth are more sensitive to temperature extremes in food and drinks.
  • You get more cavities than most.
  • You drink a lot of soft drinks, which are highly acidic and can destroy your enamel.
  • You take certain medications or medical treatments that could put your enamel at risk.
  • You suffer from dry mouth issues.

To find out more about the wonders of a fluoride treatment, reach out to a local dental clinic.


6 June 2022