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Hi, it's Mia Armonde here to talk to you about family dentistry. As my small family grew into a large one, I found myself at the dental office on a regular basis. Every six months, the kids would go into the dentist for a cleaning or repairs to their teeth. During that time, I took an interest in the various ways the dental tools were evolving. Tools used in the dental industry have grown in leaps and bounds in the last few decades. For example, my kids went from hearing the dental drill to wearing headphones that completely canceled out the sound. Each time we go back into the dentist, I take a close look at the improvements that have arisen since the last visit. The results are astounding. I will cover my findings on this site, so you can also enjoy the improvements to dental tools and techniques.

4 Helpful Tips For Anyone That Wears Braces

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Will you be getting braces in the near future and are trying to get prepared for what it is like to wear them? It will definitely help to know the following tip for wearing braces that will make life with them much easier.

Use Cold Foods And Beverages To Relieve Discomfort

The wire that is used to join all your braces is designed to be flexible and reshaped during the alignment process. However, people tend to find that braces feel a bit tight, especially soon after getting them or having them adjusted. The wire actually becomes stronger and more inflexible at warmer temperatures, and flexible at cooler temperatures. That's why it can help to drink or eat cold foods to give you some temporary relief. It will cause the wire to be more flexible and temporarily put less pressure on your teeth.

Eat Prior To An Adjustment

Another tip for dealing with any discomfort from the tension that the wire causes is to eat prior to having an adjustment performed. That's because the time period after having an adjustment is when you are going to feel the most tension on your teeth and it will be difficult to eat with them. So get in that meal right before an adjustment so that it doesn't cause discomfort to your mouth later.

Wear A Mouthguard If You Play Sports

Are you involved in playing sports? One good tip is to wear a mouthguard while you are involved in any physical activity like that. The mouthguards help prevent the braces from coming in contact with the soft tissues in your mouth and can protect the brackets and wires if you are hit in the face with some sort of impact. 

Get Special Tools For Flossing

While you are still able to brush your teeth with a toothbrush, you are not going to be able to floss your teeth with dental floss. You'll need to buy some special tools to help you get this important task done. A floss threader will help you get normal dental floss underneath the wires to get between your teeth. A water flosser is also a good thing to have on hand since it allows you to quickly clean between your teeth. A water flosser isn't going to be as good as using regular dental floss, but it is certainly better than not flossing at all.

Reach out to your orthodontist for more tips about wearing braces.


28 November 2022