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What To Know About Wisdom Tooth Related Pain

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Your third molars, also known as your wisdom teeth, will start growing in when you're between the ages of 17 and 25. This can often lead to unexpected pain which needs to be addressed by extracting the tooth. That's why it's important to know why this pain happens, how to know if it's your wisdom teeth causing the pain, and what the solution is. 

Why Wisdom Teeth Can Hurt

It is common for wisdom teeth to not have enough room to grow in. While some people have the space for them to grow normally, others will end up with impacted teeth or wisdom teeth trapped underneath the gums. This can lead to all kinds of discomfort in a place where you cannot see the tooth growing. 

Sometimes you have plenty of room for a wisdom tooth to come in, but the tooth is growing sideways. The angle of the growth will cause the tooth to collide with your second molars, which will lead to pain in your jaw area.

What Symptoms You'll Experience

You'll likely experience some sort of throbbing in the area where the tooth is growing in. The gums can also swell, look red, feel tender, and overall cause an aching sensation when you chew with your molars. You may even mistake the sensation as a problem with your molars, but it is really your wisdom teeth growing in.

If you ignore the symptom, it can lead to various complications with your teeth and gums. You can have a gum infection, damage can be caused to your adjacent teeth, and cysts can even form in your mouth. 

How To Solve Wisdom Teeth Pain

You'll need to go to a dentist to further investigate the problem. They'll want to take an X-ray to see what is happening underneath your gums. The dentist will likely be able to see the wisdom teeth growing and know exactly what the problem is. 

It is likely that your dentist will recommend surgically extracting your wisdom teeth if they are the cause of your problems. This will involve using general or local anesthesia to remove the teeth that are impacted. Your dentist may only remove the problematic wisdom teeth at the time, and monitor the other wisdom teeth to see if they cause problems. 

Wisdom tooth pain is a problem that most people deal with at some point in their life. Don't ignore the problem and see your dentist at the first signs of trouble. 

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2 June 2023