Aligners For Kids

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If your child's teeth are misaligned, you may be considering various orthodontic options. Many kids who have heard of clear plastic aligners are interested in using them in lieu of traditional braces.  Clear aligners are made of transparent plastic, so they are not easily noticed in the mouth. In contrast, the metal brackets and wires of traditional braces tend to stand out against the white backdrop of the teeth. Thus, some kids feel self-conscious about wearing braces.

13 July 2021

What Should You Know About Your Upcoming Dental Implant Surgery?

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The loss of a tooth can be a traumatic and embarrassing experience. Fortunately, modern dentistry has many solutions for people who are missing teeth. Dental implants are the most permanent option available, offering a surgical tooth replacement solution. Dental implant surgery is a major dental procedure, but it can be performed quickly. Knowing these four things can benefit patients who are planning to undergo dental implant surgery: 1. Your dentist will use the fewest number of dental implants possible

2 June 2021

Getting Ready For Dental Implant Surgery

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Dental implants require a surgical procedure, and while this procedure isn't as invasive as many other forms of surgery, it's very important that you make the necessary preparations. These preparations must be made prior to your operation, and this is for your comfort and safety and to ensure the ultimate success of your dental implant surgery. What should you be considering? Smoking If you're a smoker, you must prepare for the fact that cigarettes (and anything else you might smoke) must be avoided for as long as possible after your dental implant surgery.

21 April 2021

Your Guide To Choosing A Suitable Dental Implant Services Provider

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If you have lost teeth after an accident or due to tooth decay, you can opt to seek dental implant services to restore your smile and enhance self-worth. But before you can go for the procedure, you'll need to pick a dental expert who will perform the procedure. You want to make sure they are competent enough to handle the work. How do you choose now that the market is flooded with many experts who can install implants?

5 March 2021

How To Exercise After Dental Implant Surgery

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If you are a keen exerciser, then you probably want to continue exercising even after dental implant surgery. But dental surgery, whether for an extraction or an implant, needs time to heal properly. During this time, strenuous exercise, such as lifting heavy weights or sprinting might do more damage than good. If you wish to continue exercising after dental implant surgery, then keep the following information in mind as you do so.

22 January 2021

Your Dental Office Is More Than Just A Dentist Filling Teeth

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Your dentist's office is made up of a group of professionals working together to ensure patients get the best care possible. From scheduling appointments, helping with financial aspects, and actually working on teeth and assisting the dentist, each person has their own job to do for you. The Dentist The dentist helps patients in several ways. They have a large role to play in assisting patients to maintain overall oral health.

9 December 2020

Managing Periodontal Disease In Menopausal Women

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Periodontal disease is caused by infections and local inflammation of the gum tissue and the underlying bones that support your teeth. Early periodontal disease can cause swollen gums that bleed easily, while advanced periodontal disease may heighten the risk for bone destruction and subsequent tooth loss. Changes in the oral cavity as a result of declining estrogen levels during menopause can predispose women to periodontal disease. Here are some ways your family dentist might manage your periodontal disease if you are in menopause.

27 October 2020

Wisdom Teeth: Taking Wise Action To Address Problems

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So-called wisdom teeth often emerge during the late teens and early twenties. In many cases, that is when young people become adults. Wisdom teeth can emerge at other times, however, and they might appear early or even in your thirties. Also known as third molars, these teeth may create so many problems that they have to be removed. Read on to find out more about wisdom tooth problems and how to deal with them.

27 January 2020

Troubleshooting That Nagging Dental Crown Problem

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Dental crowns can rescue cracked or broken teeth, protecting their interior tissue from infection, easing the pain of exposed nerves, and protecting the teeth from becoming even more damaged. Even with all of these benefits, however, crowns can't always work miracles — and sometimes they can even introduce some issues of their own. If you're having trouble with one of your dental crowns, here's a quick troubleshooting guide to help you and your dentist identify and solve the problem.

4 December 2019

Examples Of Dental Injuries And How Each Is Treated

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Dental injuries are almost always unexpected. They occur as the result of an accident and/or blunt force trauma to the lower face. Your dentist can fix most of these injuries, but you may need a maxillofacial surgeon to correct the rest. Here are some examples of dental injuries and a dental injury treatment for each.  Broken Tooth A broken tooth can occur when you get pummeled in the face in a boxing match or a bar fight, or you get a hockey puck to the mouth.

8 November 2019