3 Tooth-Whitening Options

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It's becoming more and more important to have a healthy, white smile, which is why tooth whitening is a popular cosmetic option. If you have stains or discolored teeth, you may wonder what you can do to make your teeth look whiter. Check out these three tooth-whitening options to consider. Over-the-Counter Products Over-the-counter products include whitening toothpaste and gels/strips/trays you can buy at most pharmacies and grocery stores. Whitening toothpaste is the least effective because it doesn't actually contain any bleaching agent.

9 April 2018

How To Easily Maintain White And Healthy-Looking Teeth As You Age

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If you're like most people who care about taking care of their teeth, you are likely facing stains and imperfections that seem to continue developing as you age, no matter how often you brush and floss. Here are a few things you can do to easily maintain a white and healthy smile as time goes on: Be Mindful of Your Food and Drink Choices One of the easiest ways to maintain a healthy and white smile is to be mindful of the foods and drinks you decide to indulge in throughout any given day.

14 March 2018

3 Ways To Keep Your Mouth Healthy When You Are Sick

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While it is important to maintain a good daily regimen of oral care after getting your dental implants crowns, it it especially important to maintain good dental hygiene when you are sick. Although brushing and flossing when you're sick will make you psychologically feel better, it may also lower your risk for developing oral problems with your new implants. Here are three ways you can keep your implant crowns in good shape when you are feeling under the weather.

12 February 2018

The Truth On Tartar: Why You Need To Have It Removed

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If you've skipped your dental cleaning for many years, the plaque that develops between the teeth may have hardened. If it's now hard, you may have tried to remove it with floss and your toothbrush, but it won't budge. Once the plaque hardens, it turns into something known as tartar. Tartar can lead to a lot of different problems for you and it's nearly impossible for you to remove at home without proper dental tools, which is one of many reasons you need to have your teeth cleaned at the dental office.

17 January 2018

Three Ways To Make Dental Visits Easier For Avoidant Personality Sufferers

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Those who have avoidant personality disorder find themselves avoiding most social situations. Due to the fear of being shamed, humiliated or not accepted, many sufferers of this disorder choose to stay introverted rather than engage socially on a regular basis. One of the ways that most avoidant personalities have to socialize is by going to the doctor. If you are going to the dentist and you have avoidant personality disorder, you may be dreading the visit.

14 December 2017

Everything You Should Know Before Getting Veneers

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Having damaged teeth affects your life in many ways, from the way you feel about yourself to how others see you. It may all be too much, but veneers give you the chance to smile with confidence again. Make sure this restorative option is right for you by knowing some information about it. A Multi-Step Process   If you're hoping veneers are a quick fix to your teeth problems, you're wrong. Getting veneers is a multi-stage process that takes some time to complete.

15 November 2017

How You Can Benefit From Dental Air Abrasion

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Air abrasion is a technique for removing dental tissues, such as decayed part of the tooth or teeth enamel, without using a dental drill. In this case, the dentist uses a dental instrument that blows pressurized air and aluminum oxide particles onto the relevant parts of the teeth. Here are some of the benefits air abrasion has over the traditional drill: It Is Comfortable For most dental patients, the premier benefit of air abrasion is that it is more comfortable than conventional dental drilling.

18 October 2017