Three Ways To Make Dental Visits Easier For Avoidant Personality Sufferers

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Those who have avoidant personality disorder find themselves avoiding most social situations. Due to the fear of being shamed, humiliated or not accepted, many sufferers of this disorder choose to stay introverted rather than engage socially on a regular basis. One of the ways that most avoidant personalities have to socialize is by going to the doctor. If you are going to the dentist and you have avoidant personality disorder, you may be dreading the visit.

14 December 2017

Everything You Should Know Before Getting Veneers

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Having damaged teeth affects your life in many ways, from the way you feel about yourself to how others see you. It may all be too much, but veneers give you the chance to smile with confidence again. Make sure this restorative option is right for you by knowing some information about it. A Multi-Step Process   If you're hoping veneers are a quick fix to your teeth problems, you're wrong. Getting veneers is a multi-stage process that takes some time to complete.

15 November 2017

How You Can Benefit From Dental Air Abrasion

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Air abrasion is a technique for removing dental tissues, such as decayed part of the tooth or teeth enamel, without using a dental drill. In this case, the dentist uses a dental instrument that blows pressurized air and aluminum oxide particles onto the relevant parts of the teeth. Here are some of the benefits air abrasion has over the traditional drill: It Is Comfortable For most dental patients, the premier benefit of air abrasion is that it is more comfortable than conventional dental drilling.

18 October 2017

The First Lost Tooth: Do's And Don'ts For Parents

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You probably remember losing your first tooth when you were five or six years old. It's an entirely different experience when you are the parent and your child is the one losing their first tooth. This process usually goes more smoothly than parents expect, but just to ensure the experience is a good one, follow these do's and don'ts as your child loses their first tooth. Do: Tell your child what is to come.

20 September 2017

Tips To Help You Repair And Restore Tooth Decay And Loss

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Practicing good oral health and restoring any permanent damage to your teeth are both good ways to keep your smile and appearance in good condition. As you age, oral decay can occur and tooth loss can result in permanent jawbone loss. Here are two tips to help you prevent and repair oral decay and gum inflammation, and how to restore missing teeth to prevent further bone loss. Heal Your Teeth and Gums

27 August 2017

3 Keys To Buying Your Dental Implants

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It is very important to spend your money wisely to take care of your dental health. When it comes to dental health, it may become necessary at times to replace a tooth that had to be extracted. With this in mind, dental implants are a great solution for this, and there are a lot of professionals around that can sell you dental implants and install them soundly. When you are in need of this type of service, learn about dental implants by taking advantage of the information below.

29 July 2017

4 Ways to Help You Feel Less Stressed at the Dentist

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One of the things you may put off doing is going to the dentist. However, avoiding this professional can result in major issues with your teeth. It's in your best interest to always keep your appointments regardless of how anxious you may be. In fact, being aware of simple things you can do that may alleviate a great deal of your stress is sure to be helpful to you. Knowing how to take charge of your mentality and get to the dentist as necessary is ideal.

14 July 2017

Suggestions For Getting Rid Of Chronic Bad Breath With The Help Of Your Dentist

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Bad breath is embarrassing. Everyone has it occasionally, but when it's a chronic condition, it really impacts your life in a negative way. You may avoid people and constantly worry about your breath at work or during social situations. You might need to make an appointment with your dentist to get the situation under control. Here are some suggestions on how to manage your bad breath. Remove Bacteria Frequently One cause of bad breath is the accumulation of bacteria in your mouth.

14 June 2017

Three Ways To Set Your Kindergartener Up For A Lifetime Of Good Dental Health

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Good habits begin in childhood. This could not be more true when it comes to dental care. Not only will developing good habits during childhood ensure your child keeps taking care of his or her teeth for years to come, but it will also keep the baby teeth healthy. Healthy baby teeth lead to properly placed adult teeth -- which serve your child for life. Here's a look at three great dental habits to work on with your kindergartener.

19 May 2017

Surprising Pieces Of Information You May Be Able To Discover From Your Next Comprehensive Dental Exam

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Although for many years the American Dental Association recommended that all healthy adults should see the dentist twice a year for an exam and professional cleaning, in 2013 their recommendations changed. Since then, the determination as to how often a patient should receive those services has been determined by the dentist, based on the dentist's perception of the degree of risk that the patient has for dental problems. While that will generally still be at least once a year and some patients should be seen three times a year, a recent study determined that more than one out of three adults between the ages of eighteen and sixty-four never saw a dentist at all in 2014.

4 May 2017