Four Questions About Dry Socket

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Will you be having a tooth extracted soon, and are worried about dry socket? If so, you'll want to know the following things. What Is Dry Socket? The simplest way to explain dry socket is that it occurs when you extract a tooth and the socket is empty. There will not be a blood clot and the jawbone will actually be visible. Since there is no blood clot to provide protection to the jawbone, it will start to feel very painful after a few days of being in that condition.

22 April 2022

Loose Or Lost Dental Crown? Dealing With This Dental Emergency Until You Can Get To The Dentist

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If your dental crown becomes loose or comes off altogether, the underlying tooth or implant will be exposed. Not only can this result in severe tooth pain at times, but it can also cause an increased risk of infection as food and bacteria get stuck around the tooth or implant. You may also find it difficult to properly chew food in the absence of your crown. Unfortunately, getting an appointment with your dentist the same day the damage happens may not always be possible.

16 March 2022

Considering Botox? Make Sure You Know These Five Things

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Are you seriously considering Botox injections to deal with the signs of facial aging? If so, you'll want to know the following things before moving forward with the procedure. What Areas Of The Face Is Botox Good For? There are a few areas of the face where Botox tends to work best. One of those is to treat the vertical lines that are found between the eyebrows, which is known as the glabella.

1 February 2022